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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_drain ignores MaxJobRetirementTime


The MaxJobRetirementTime clock starts at the beginning of the job's run, not the point where condor_drain is called. So if your MaxJobRetirementTime is one hour and the job has been running for two hours, it will be immediately preempted. If it was running for half an hour, it will be given another half hour to finish. From the manual:

When an active claim is about to be preempted for any reason, it enters retirement, while it waits for the current job to finish. The MaxJobRetirementTime expression determines how long to wait (counting since the time the job started). Once the job finishes or the retirement time expires, the Preempting state is entered.

The condor_off -peaceful command might be an alternative for you.

Michael V Pelletier
Principal Engineer

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Hello all,

I'm trying to give my jobs some time to finish if the execution node is going to be drained.

I use HTCondor 8.9.6 and run jobs in Parallel Universe. I set "MaxJobRetirementTime" in the config file on the execute node, I set "max_job_retirement_time" for the job but nevertheless then I run 'condor_drain' I see my running jobs stop immediately. Am I missing some settings?

Best regards, 
Stanislav Markevich 
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