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Re: [HTCondor-users] Is it possible to set which classads are passed as env vars to docker?

For an 8.8 solution, you could write a wrapper script and point the "DOCKER" config value to it. The script would then be able to mangle the argument list in any way it liked. That's the approach I took with Singularity before the extra-args option was added.

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Hi Jose,

for Singularity, I know that the extra arguments ad allows to tweak Singularity arguments [1]

Release 8.9.1 seems to have added the same option for Docker
but I have not tried it myself - so YMMV ;)




On 17/03/2021 11.07, jcaballero.hep@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> I see some classads are passed as environment variables to the docker 
> command via -e input option. For example:
> -e TEMP=...
> -e _CONDOR_SLOT=...
> etc.
> Is this list of classads hardcoded? Or is there a way to configure?
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Cheers,
> Jose
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