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[HTCondor-users] Spread the word: Hiring a Research Computing Facilitator to join the UW-Madison and OSG Facilitation teams

Hi Everyone,

Please help us spread the word to relevant individuals and networks!

Thank you,

Lauren Michael -ÂResearch Computing Facilitator,ÂCenter for High Throughput ComputingUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
Research Facilitation Lead,ÂOpen Science Grid; co-PI,ÂPATh;Âco-PI, People Network co-Coordinator,ÂCaRCC
lmichael@xxxxxxxxtinyurl.com/LMichaelCalendarDiscovery 2262, (608)316-4430


We are excited to announce the hire of anotherÂResearch Computing Facilitator at UW-Madison's Center for High Throughput Computing, who will also join theÂOpen Science GridÂRCF team as part of the NSFÂPartnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh).

Apply by May 31! Full description and application process here:

Facilitators gain a wide range of skills at this job, and will work with experts in a variety of research areas and computational technologies at UW-Madison and around the world, through the partnerships of CHTC. The preferred applicant will be self-motivated and able to work as part of a dynamic team, as well as possessing strong communication skills, prior experience and interest in enabling the work of others, and a desire for continuous learning.ÂFacilitators serve as the human interface for researchers leveraging CHTC and OSG computing and data resources by providing consultations and ongoing support, and by driving relevant documentation, training, and outreach efforts. Facilitators are also in the perfect position to provide critical feedback to the services and technologies pioneered by CHTC and the OSG, including HTCondor.

(Madison is a top place to live, too!)