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Re: [HTCondor-users] Swap and Docker

Thanks Greg,
After activating swap on our servers.

By default, swap in docker is unlimited which is not that good for our usage.
I wish to add a classad to the job which will be added to the DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS.
For example, add +Swap = 2000 to the submit file. how can I append it to DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS
Will it be? DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS = --memory-swap = $(TARGET.Swap)

The example above actually not getting any value.


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Thanks Greg.
I will give it a try by activate swap. 

Thank you 

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On 3/10/21 1:15 AM, duduhandelman@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,
Is it possible to use swap with Docker universe?

Many Thanks

When HTCondor runs a docker universe job, it passes the command line parameter "-mem " to the equivalent of docker run, and gives it the memory allocated to the slot, which is roughly the value of "Request_memory" in the submit file.  This is the physical memory that docker will use for the job.  If the job tries to allocate more than that, the kernel will push the rest to paging/swap space, assuming you have swap configured on your system.