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Re: [HTCondor-users] Only preempting one job per negotiation cycle per partitionable slot

First of all try to avoid preemption.
Anyway you should reduce the time between negotiation cycles. 
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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Only preempting one job per negotiation cycle per partitionable slot

I want to have two accounting groups where each one can accept the surplus from the other when not in use. Each one is given a quota of 0.5. Additionally, I want jobs to be preempted/evicted if one group is currently using more than 50% of resources and the other group submits jobs.


For example:

We have group_1 and group_2.

We have 2 machines with16 cores each:

# Slot Configuration



SLOT_TYPE_1 = auto



On the manager config, I’ve set:

PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS = debug(((SubmitterGroupResourcesInUse < SubmitterGroupQuota) && (ifThenElse(isUndefined(RemoteGroupResourcesInUse),1000000,RemoteGroupResourcesInUse) > ifThenElse(isUndefined(RemoteGroupQuota),0,RemoteGroupQuota))) || ((SubmitterGroup =!= "nice-user") && (RemoteGroup =?= "nice-user")))


Let’s say all machines are unused. Then group_1 submits 100 jobs, each requesting 1 cpu. It uses all 32 cores for 32 jobs. Then group_2 submits 100 jobs while the group_1 jobs are still running. I want 16 of the group_1 jobs to be evicted to allow group_2 to get 0.5 of the total resources, as per the quota. Unfortunately, it only evicts 1 job per negotiation cycle, so it take ~16 minutes to evict all 16 jobs that are required.


Is there any way to have this speed up so it can evict multiple jobs per negotiation cycle? Am I missing something in my config?




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