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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor diagram of daemons

Thanks Greg for finding the diagrams (slides 23-32) from T.T. I was looking for. The notes on slides 28-30 of the PPTX version go into finer sequential detail about the steps in Claim acquisition. Some additional questions:

  • What is Q on slide 27? I understand that J is the job classad and S is the classad for the execute machine.
  • Does the Shadow talk to the Startd and tell it to make a Starter?
  • Where does file transfer go (inbound and outbound) in these steps
  • Are there additional communications between processes once a single job is completed?

These charts are really nice to show how one can build a robust system from a number of disparately connected parts.




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On 4/3/22 13:44, West, Matthew wrote:

Hi All,


A few years ago, I remember seeing a nice set of figures that described the HTCondor match-making process from job submission, collector polling machines, negotiation, shadow and starter processes, until completion. This was probably in an HTCondor Week talk but I cannot find the one I am looking for. Does anyone have a nice flowchart to use in an explanation of how all these processes work together to robustly run jobs on disparate machines? I ask because I am going to run a short workshop on HTCondor at the UK’s RSEcon this September in Newcastle and feel like a pictorial explanation works better than words on their own.


Hi Matthew:

We have a power-point animation you may have seen, that we've reused a bunch of times.  The most recent iteration of this is here:


Feel free to copy these slides if you find them useful.