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[HTCondor-users] Register Now for HTCondor Week May 23 - 26

Hello HTCondor Users and Collaborators!

We want to invite you to HTCondor Week 2022, our annual HTCondor user conference, in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, May 23-26, 2022. A sampling of this year's topics include management of GPUâs, bringing your own compute resources, and incorporating HPC resources into an HTCondor Environment. For those attending in person, we are also planning an evening at the Union Terrace.

This year will be a hybrid event: we are hosting an in-person meeting at the Fluno Center on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. This provides HTCondor Week attendees with a compelling environment in which to attend tutorials and talks from HTCondor developers, meet other users like you and attend social events. For those who cannot attend in person, we'll also be broadcasting the event online via a Zoom meeting.

Registration for HTCondor Week 2022 is open. The registration deadline for in-person attendance is soon approaching and is May 2, 2022, and the cost is $90 per day. For virtual-only attendance, registration is a flat $25 fee for the whole week. You can register at http://htcondor.org/HTCondorWeek2022.

We will have a variety of in-depth tutorials and talks where you can learn more about HTCondor and how other people are using and deploying HTCondor. Best of all, you can establish contacts and learn best practices from people in industry, government, and academia who are using HTCondor to solve hard problems, many of which may be similar to those you are facing.

Speaking of learning from the community, we'd love to have you give a talk at HTCondor Week. Talks are 15-20 minutes long and are a great way to share your ideas and get feedback from the community. If you have an interesting use of HTCondor you'd like to share, please submit a very brief abstract.  See our Speaker Information page:


You can get hotel details, and see the agenda overview on the HTCondor Week 2022 site:


Hope to see you there,

- The Center for High Throughput Computing