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Re: [HTCondor-users] variable expansion question

This is correct. 


You do need to be careful to create a valid _expression_.  With the example below

if ALLOW_USER is blank before you get to the first statement, the final result will be


   ALLOW_USER :   && (OWNER==âengr) && (Owner==âphysâ)

  START :  && (OWNER==âengr) && (Owner==âphysâ)


This wonât work because it starts with a &&.  You can fix this by supplying a default


   ALLOW_USER = $(ALLOW_USER:true) && (OWNER=="engr")

   ALLOW_USER = $(ALLOW_USER:true) && (OWNER=="phys")

   START = $(ALLOW_USER:true)


So the expanded result will be a valid _expression_ :


   ALLOW_USER :   true && (OWNER=="engr") && (OWNER == âphysâ)


you can avoid this problem and simplify things by using the StringListMember




   if defined ALLOW_USER

      START = StringListIMember(Owner,â$(ALLOW_USER)â)





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I would like to set up a list of users who can run jobs on a particular machine. The list is dynamic and I can generate it on the fly.


I was thinking of doing something like this.







Is this the correct way to do it?



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