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Re: [HTCondor-users] Subgroups and GROUP_SORT_EXPR

On 4/21/22 04:15, Fischer, Max (SCC) wrote:
We basically use the default `GROUP_SORT_EXPR`, i.e. the groups are ranked by "relative satisfied quota" of `GroupResourcesInUse/GroupQuota`. Our assumption was that this should even out things to converge towards the share, but this seems to be wrong â and I'd like to understand why.

Knobs, knobs, knobs question time first!
- Do subgroups get sorted by `GROUP_SORT_EXPR` based on their parent groups in some way? Can we somehow use parent group information for sorting subgroups?

Hi Max:

GROUP_SORT_EXPR is not subgroup-aware, it sorts all the subgroups globally, unaware of their hierarchy in the tree.

- Do user priorities, `PRIORITY_HALFLIFE`, ... take effect only *inside* or also *across* groups? Do all users get ranked by priority if they end up in the `<none>` group via autoregroupâing or surplus?
"user" priorities only take place inside of groups. HTCondor first computes an upper-bound on the amount of resources any given group gets. Then, the users within that group get fair share of that upper-bound based on their userprio.