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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor commands taking long time

On 4/26/2022 1:22 PM, Nagaraj Panyam wrote:

I checked the time of codor_config_val -config. Used -verbose, too. But no useful info from it. How do I figure it out, apart from a fresh install.
It took 1m 28s but no info about what exactly is the cause.

[pn@sim01 ~]$ [pn@sim01 ~]$ time condor_config_val -verbose -config

Hi Nagaraj,

Perhaps try the following command to get some clues (assuming you are using bash as your shell).  It will output a lot of debugging info... the idea is to see if there is a 1min pause while the debug info appears, which will give a cluse as to what is happening at that point.   If I was placing a bet, my guess is the delay is related to DNS --- i.e. delays when trying to resolve an IP address to a hostname....

   $ _condor_TOOL_DEBUG=D_ALL:2 condor_config_val -verbose -config -debug