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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor Week In-Person Registration Closes Soon and Social Events Survey - Corrected Link!

HTCondor Week Registration for in-person attendance is scheduled to close soon, on May, 2nd!  Please donât delay getting registered:

https://htcondor.org/HTCondorWeek2022 (This link is correct!)

It has been a looong two years since we have had a chance to see our HTCondor friends in person and we have missed you! We also want all of us to have a chance to build new relationships with those we could only connect with virtually. At this yearâs HTCondor Week, for those of us who can join us in beautiful Madison, WI, we have put together a list of extra social events we might offer. We have already planned a social event Tuesday evening at the incomparable UW Memorial Union Terrace (see https://tinyurl.com/yxu5oowb).

Some other events, depending on interest, we may include are:

        â An HTCondor Eats Walking Tour of the Madison Square
        â Bowling at Union South
        â Social Hour at a Favorite Local Spot
        â Hear some local live music
        â An Evening Bike Ride with Todd Tannenbaum (starting from a local bike rental shop)
        â Karaoke Night
        â Babcock ice cream social at the Union Terrace
        â A sunset canoe or kayak paddle on one of our local lakes

If you are thinking of joining us in person, please complete this brief survey:


(You will have to pay your own way at these additional social events, but we will keep them affordable.)

If you are joining us via zoom only, donât despair. We have a dynamic keynote speaker we will be announcing soon and many interesting talks from researchers and teams using HTCondor and our development and facilitation teams. Registration is still required!

Just one more note. We have some spots still available to speak and would love to hear from you!  It just takes a minute to sign up to speak - see https://agenda.hep.wisc.edu/event/1733/abstracts/ for complete speaker info.

We hope to see you soon!

The HTCondor Team