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Re: [HTCondor-users] Question about a submit WARNING

Hi Nicolas,

That warning is completely harmless. Basically, when you submit a DAG each node creates a variable for the job name i.e. JOB=<some job> which can be referenced in the job submit description file via $(JOB). The warning is occuring because the variable is always set by DAGMan but you aren't using it in your submit file (not saying you have to). I can see how that warning can be confusing and/or annoying so I will have a chat with the team to see about improving that.

Cole Bollig

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I have a basic dag file which looks like

> (...)
> JOB <some job name> <some submit file>
> VARS <some job name> initialdir="<some directory>"
> RETRY <some job name> 2
> (...)

In the dag.dagman.out file generated by Condor, I see the following line

> From submit: WARNING: the line 'JOB = <some job name>' was unused by condor_submit. Is it a typo?

that I think is harmless. I'd like to confirm that and see if the above
syntax could be improved to get rid of that warning.

I am using

> submit1|~>condor_version $CondorVersion: 9.0.11 Mar 12 2022 BuildID: 578027 PackageID: 9.0.11-1 $
> $CondorPlatform: x86_64_CentOS7 $

Thanks in advance,



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