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Re: [HTCondor-users] Multiple negotiator's

Thanks Christoph. 
It's 10k nodes and about 30% of the job's are maximum 5 minutes of runtime.

It will be fun to deal with this challenge. 

Thanks David 
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by 10k you mean cores or nodes ?

The negotiation cycle depends not so much on the nodes also keep in mind only free slots get negotiated.

You can tag slots to be negotiated by certain negotiators and exclude certain slots from being negotiated by others etc. but that kind of divides your pool in logic parts which is not so much the idea of a pool in the first place so to speak ;)


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Betreff: Re: [HTCondor-users] Multiple negotiator's

Hi again. 
Let me ask it differently.  I'm planning 10k executers pool. I assume that a single negotiator will have a long cycle. 

What are my options? 

Thanks, in advance

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From: Dudu Handelman <duduhandelman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Multiple negotiator's

Hi All,
I would like to reduce the matching cycle (basically it's a large pool).
I found an old wiki page that describe how to accomplish that. Is it really possible?


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