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Re: [HTCondor-users] File transfer plugins & stdout/err

Aha, indeed if I just do the remaps and not the output_destination, then the remaps are honoured, ie:


But yeah, on its own this is more than a little clunky (albeit one I guess I could hack with a schedd xform).

OK, with this combination of results, I think I know where the problem is and might be able to fix it in relatively short order. One question though: your example specifies a basename for output and error, which makes it easy to determine what the URL should be:
f"{output_destination}/{output}".  If the value of output or error
includes path, what should the URL look like? Does the answer change if the value is an absolute or relative path?

In the meantime, if you weren't aware, the job ClassAd is available in the job sandbox as `.job.ad`, and your plug-in should be able to read it and determine what the special cases of "_condor_stdout" and
"_condor_stderr" should be named.

If I donʼt set an output_destination, then the exe tries to send the out/err back to the schedd, but it does not go well, ie:

I'm sure we had a good reason for preventing that from working, but I don't remember what it is. ;)