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[HTCondor-users] Complex conditionals in Configuration

Hello all,

I'm trying to check value of some macro in a condition and cannot understand how should I do it.

If the macro evaluates to a simple boolean value (true, false, 0, 1, etc) there is no problem. But what if I want to compare with other values?

For example, I want to check if $(MY_OPTION) evaluates to the value "one". I cannot just write

   if $(MY_OPTION) == "one"

because of complex conditionals are not supported. So I have somehow evaluate this expression and put the result into some other macro, but how can I do it?

I tried


and some other options but still get the same error "$(MY_CONDITION) is not a valid if condition because complex conditionals are not supported".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, 
Stanislav V. Markevich