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Re: [HTCondor-users] Docker Universe Job never Completes

On 6/7/22 22:10, Ryan Weekes wrote:

Hi All,

I have a docker universe job that triggers an internal binary which appears to complete but the docker instance does not close down on the execute server.
What is the recommended setting to monitor if a docker universe job is idle so that the container can be shutdown rather than stay up indefinitely?


Hi Ryan:

The docker universe job will complete when the top process in the process tree exits, whether or not any child processes are still running. That is, the process named in the "executable = " line in the submit file. If this process spawns a child process that is the main process, it should wait until that process exits. Note this works exactly the same as a vanilla universe job.

If you are pretty sure that the first process is exiting, but HTCondor isn't noticing, then that would be a bug in HTCondor that we'd need to investigate.