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Re: [HTCondor-users] proper way to check fo undefined classAd in python

Hi Stefano,

Using "==" and "!=" operators with classad.Value.Error and classad.Value.Undefined results in an classad.ExprTree getting returned since HTCondor 8.9. As you have stumbled upon, using "is" and "is not" does what you want, and is the correct syntax going forward.

Brian Bockelman gave an explanation to a similar question about classad.Value.Error last year about why this behavior was changed:


Jason Patton

On 6/21/22 12:37 PM, Stefano Belforte wrote:
yes, this works as well
 Âif not( someAd == classad.Value.Undefined)
and the fact that it behave differently than using != is a bit unpleasant

Kindly let me know what's the correct syntax

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