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[HTCondor-users] Setting up HTCondorView

Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up the HTCondorView server in our cluster by following the instructions from the documentation (https://htcondor.readthedocs.io/en/latest/admin-manual/setting-up-special-environments.html#configuring-a-machine-to-be-a-htcondorview-server, by the way, even when knowing that it is there, this section is very hard to find and separate from the Client information).

I decided to use my existing collector as the HTCondorView collector by adding the following configuration:Â

POOL_HISTORY_DIR = $(LOCAL_DIR)/log/condorview

(also, is the POOL_HISTORY_MAX_STORAGE in bytes? It is not very well specified in https://htcondor.readthedocs.io/en/latest/admin-manual/configuration-macros.html#POOL_HISTORY_MAX_STORAGE)

POOL_HISTORY_DIR resolves to "/var/log/condorview" and the "condor" user has been given ownership of this directory. After a few mistakes with the configuration, the View server appears to be running, but the response I get with condor_stats is very weird. For example, if I run "condor_stats -userlist" I get (I have anonimized the user, host and domain, but it is always the same every time I try):

failed to receive data from the CondorView server

I have tried to set up the Client following its corresponding instructions (https://htcondor.readthedocs.io/en/latest/contrib-source-modules/view-client-contrib-module.html) and while running the setup command I get several messages saying "failed to receive data from the CondorView server". If I run the "./make_stats hour" command I also get the same message once.

I cannot see any error messages in the collector logs and the condorview logs look fine, although I don't really know what they should look like. Am I missing something?