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Re: [HTCondor-users] Using Singularity in Parallel Universe

Hi Matt,

Short answer, yes, jobs running in the parallel universe can use Singularity. Just be aware that you are in charge of setting up whatever message passing needs to happen between the nodes, whether that's via the network or a shared filesystem. If you don't have a shared filesystem, you might want to make sure that "condor_chirp" is made available inside the containers so that nodes can pass networking details to each other by putting/getting files to/from the access point. (A good place to put these files would be in $_CONDOR_REMOTE_SPOOL_DIR, which will be defined in all nodes of a parallel universe job and points to a dedicated spool directory for the job back on the access point.)

Jason Patton

On 6/26/22 2:23 PM, Matthew T West via HTCondor-users wrote:
Good afternoon All,

Am I able to run multi-node jobs using a Singularity container while within the Parallel Universe?