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[HTCondor-users] Copying Token attributes


I'm using the following JOB_ROUTER_PRE_ROUTE_TRANSFORM in a HTCondor-CE to copy the AuthToken* attributes
into the Classad of the routedjob:

ÂREQUIREMENTS MY.AuthTokenSubject =!= undefined
ÂEVALSET RAuthTokenId AuthTokenId Â
ÂEVALSET RAuthTokenIssuer AuthTokenIssuer Â
ÂEVALSET RAuthTokenSubject AuthTokenSubject Â
ÂEVALSET RAuthTokenIssuer AuthTokenIssuer Â

Note the capital R in RAuthTokenId and the others. Fact is that i wasn't able to just copy the attribute with
its original name, so i had to alter the attribute names.

All the attempts i made did fail:
EVALSET AuthTokenSubject AuthTokenSubject
EVALSET AuthTokenSubject MY.AuthTokenSubject

EVALSET TARGET.AuthTokenSubject MY.AuthTokenSubject

EVALSET TARGET.AuthTokenSubject AuthTokenSubject

Is there any way to keep the original name?