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Re: [HTCondor-users] Jobs massively killed with PeriodicRemove

On 3/24/22 10:23, Beyer, Christoph wrote:

Thanks for your answer.

where did you define the system periodic remove expression, it does actually say remove jobs that are idle and have not started yet which is pretty much the definition of an idle job ;) ?

in submit-condor-job on the ARC but this was not changed when it works with no defrag. And I did not modify it.

I tried to comment all periodic remove and force it at false but with that nothing was running.

With the actual configuration a lot of jobs are killed but the cluster is more or less full of running jobs.

And sur I did not want to kill all idle jobs, queue arr usefull ð

This might make sense if you want to lower the idle job queue to 'near to 0' and only accept jobs that more or less start in the same second - still a weird approach this would be :)

That is not what I want


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