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Re: [HTCondor-users] Substitution of "+" for "MY." in submit file

Yes, this is intended.


The + isnât part of the attribute name because it canât be used as part of a key in the Submit hash or in a classad.  It is treated as a shorthand for MY.  by both condor_submit and the python bindings.


If you prefer, you can just use MY.  in your submit files and python Submit objects rather than +





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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Substitution of "+" for "MY." in submit file



I've created a submit file using the Python HTCondor binding for which some of the options start with a plus, e.g., "+SuccessCheckpointExitCode = 77", but when that gets created (during write out a dag), the "+" has been replaced by "MY." (presumable by this line https://github.com/htcondor/htcondor/blob/master/src/condor_submit.V6/submit.cpp#L860). I just wanted to check whether this is ok? Is the "MY." equivalent to the "+"?

Any example reproducing this is:

from htcondor import Submit
from htcondor import dags

options = {
    "universe": "vanilla",
    "executable": "/usr/bin/mycode",
    "+SuccessCheckpointExitCode": 77,

dag = dags.DAG()


dags.write_dag(dag, ".")

for which the layer1.sub file contains:

universe = vanilla
executable = /usr/bin/mycode
MY.SuccessCheckpointExitCode = 77




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