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Re: [HTCondor-users] Getting a configuration dump when multiline values are present

Hi Marco.

Unfortunately there is no way to get condor_config_val to emit a valid config if there are multiline values in the configuration. 

I have opened a ticket to fix this.

as a workaround, it should be possible to use 

    condor_config_val -verbose -dump 

and process the result with a script that detects the multiline values and emits the proper @= tags to make a valid config.


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Getting a configuration dump when multiline values are present

I'm using "condor_config_val -dump" to get a summary to reproduce the current condor configuration (defined in multiple files).
I used to be able to dump that in a file and use it as configuration to have the same settings.
This is not working any more when there are multiline attributes, the dump does not have the tags resulting in an invalid condor config.

Is it there any way to generate a single dump with all the simplifications of condor_config_val -dump (like eliminating comments and resolving re-definitions of attributes) that can output a valid HTCondor config?

Thank you,

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