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Re: [HTCondor-users] Sharing data across nodes

Something like GlusterFS maybe? (with NFS-Ganesha?)
Never tried it myself though.
Not sure if you would want to replace /home with this new storage.
Maybe have condor use it as the default spool directory?

As Dima said, you'd still need a low latency fabric between the node servers if you want good storage I/O.


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On 2022-05-17 2:00 PM, Michael Thomas wrote:
> Hi Krishna,
> A distributed filesystem such as ceph (www.ceph.io) or hdfs
> (https://hadoop.apache.org/docs/stable/hadoop-project-dist/hadoop-hdfs
> /HdfsDesign.html)
> may provide what you need.

I played with ceph long time ago when it was still young. At the time there was no options to "pin" a client to data node and no plan to make it available to admins (IIRC there was something you could do at compile time).

Which means you could set up local ceph storage on a condor node, but couldn't make that condor node do all its i/o on its local ceph storage. 
Ceph would spread the i/o over all its storage nodes acording to its clever algorithm; it was be better than all condor hosts hitting a single storage server (nfs that we wanted to replace), but to get any i/o performance you'd need 10Gb fabric.

That may have changed since.

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