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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor Week Virtual Registration Closing Soon!

HTCondor Week 2022 is next week May 23-26, and there is still time to register!  Virtual registration will remain open through May 22. There is a $25 fee for virtual registration. 

For students and researchers where the virtual registration fee is a hardship, please let us know and we will consider a waiver of the virtual registration fee. Contact us at htcondor-week@xxxxxxxxxxxx

You can register at http://htcondor.org/HTCondorWeek2022.

We will have a variety of in-depth tutorials and talks where you can learn more about HTCondor and how other people are using and deploying HTCondor. You can also check out the many interesting and informative speakers, topics and tutorials:


If you register to attend virtually, we will send an email Sunday, May 22 with the meeting URL, password, and other important details.

We hope you join us next week!

The HTCondor Week Team