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Re: [condor-users] jobs don't start

I encountered similar problems when the job actually failed to start (due to a bug it contained). You may want to check the logs the job produces on the remote machine. You should also definitely check StartLog and StarterLog of the remote machine.

Moreover, if you have a firewall between or on the submission machine or on worker machine this may also contribute to the problem.

Alexander Klyubin

On 07/31/2003 09:31 AM, Thomas Bauer wrote:

I have a WINNT-Server and some WINNT-Clients. When I submit a job, the job don't start on any machine.
"condor_q - analyze" tells me, that "1 match, but prefer another specific job despite its worse user-prioriy"
The log-file of this job shows entry like these:
007 (023.000.000) 07/08 17:52:34 Shadow exception! Can no longer communicate with condor_starter on execute machine
0 - Run Bytes Sent By Job
528441 - Run Bytes Received By Job

Does anybody know, why these "Shadow exceptions" occur?


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