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Re: [condor-users] condor doesn't perceive that job is done

Hi Erik,

> > Any ideas why condor doesn't perceive that the job is done?
> > 
> In order to debug this, we'd like to see the StarterLog from the machine
> where the job ran. 
> Please make the following changes to your config file on the execute
> machine
> as well:
> MAX_STARTER_LOG = 640000
> And then run a job through.

I checked my "problematic" binary on our DEC/Alpha OSF1 and IntelXeon
Debian-Linux machines as well: same problem on OSF1 but everything works fine on
Linux (with Condor 6.4.5). Finally I installed Condor 6.5.3, just to make
myself sure I checked everything out ...... and my problem never showed up on any
of our  OS any more (OSF1, Debian-Linux,Solaris2.8)! Thus I've been running
Condor6.5.3 for the last 2 weeks and therefore old StarterLog files from my
failing attempts are already overwritten, sorry. I couldn't find any hint in
the condor version history that points to changes related to my problem.
Although 6.5.3 works as stable and well as 6.4.5 I'm curious what the reason might
be that 6.4.5 didn't perceive when that particular job was done. In case you
got an idea I'd be glad to hear from you. Otherwise, as long as it works out
for me also in future releases it's fine with me as well and I'll be thankful
to use this software.

Thanks a lot.

> Thanks,
> -Erik
> Condor Support Information:
> http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/condor-support/

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