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Re: [condor-users] Fedora

> We really don't know.
> Currently, Condor is mostly distribution-agnostic - our dynamically-linked
> binaries just ask for glibc, so running Condor with just vanilla, Globus, and
> Java universe jobs usually just works on any given distribution.
> Where we're most sensitive to different Linux distributions is in the
> checkpointing and remote system call code. Portions of that code are written
> in C++, and require us to link with C++ support libraries and conform to the
> C++ ABI that the compiler is expecting. Sadly, the past couple of Redaht
> releases have all changed the C++ ABI in each release and made our life
> difficult. We're also sensitive to the glibc on the machine, since we need to
> catch all file-access calls to convert them into remote system calls, and the
> C library has a number of entry points that are sort of "hidden" that take
> a while for us to find and code for.
> The last thing big that will get us are entries in /dev that represent the
> keyboard and mouse - some distributions use devfs, some dont, and so forth.
> As for Redhat Fedora, we're still scratching our heads. If I had to guess
> now, I'd say that's what our main "supported" distribution will be, because
> I think that's where most of our current users will migrate to. Over the
> next 6 to 8 weeks I think the we'll start to get a better picture of where
> people are going, and we'll try and keep people informed of what our plans
> are.

Well our cluster is running Red Hat 7.3 at the moment, but as this goes
out of support at the end year we are looking at what to change to and we
want something that going condor with minimal problems. I'm not sure that
Red Hat 9 is an option either as this out of support at the end of April


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