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Re: [condor-users] Shadow Exception!

> I have checked the code, and I can confirm that this is a bug in our
> handling of non-English, well-known group names. Thanks for finding it! We
> will have it fixed for 6.6.1. In the mean time, you can get around it
> by explicitly granting your account read/write access to this file, or
> grant some other group besides NT-AUTHORITAT or VORDEFINIERT read/write
> access to the file.

This is a misleading response. NT AUTHORITY and BUILTIN are not groups,
but rather, well-known, built-in domains for system accounts and
groups. Examples would include:

NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  (also known as SYSTEM or LocalSystem)

So in order to get around this bug, just grant read/write permissions
on the file explicitly to your personal account, or some group that you
created, perhaps say CondorUsers.

Sorry for the confusion.

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