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[condor-users] Some questions regarding Condor, Clusters and The Grid

Clusters are a pool of computers that can be used for job submission yes?
Im unsure about what The Grid means everyone seems to have their
own definition and idea? Is The Grid to enable resources to be accessed by
remote users ?

I have condor installed on windows and im submitting jobs fine.

Now what my task to do on "The Grid" is for some CPU intensive data
processing to be carried out on behalf of a remote user. All the remote
use has is their dataset in a text file. This data processing is the resource
that i want to make available.. I do not wish my cluster to be made
available - only to be used internally for the processing..

Does anyone have any pointers on what I need to do?

Im guessing Condor-G and Globus but from what i have understood from
the things i have read is that these make the cluster available to remote
users to run jobs which is not what i want.

thanks in advance

Chris, Paisley University, Scotland

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