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Re: [condor-users] condor-q and jobs with status=X

There are several jobs in the condor_q with status = X (i.e. the job has been
removed).  Is there any way for me to remove these jobs from the queue?  We
have just started using condor-g recently and a few new users are getting

If you are using the Globus universe, your jobs can end up with the X state for a long time because Condor is telling the remote Globus resource to clean up the remote job. Sometimes Globus takes a long time to do so. Sometimes Globus never tells us that it finished, but Condor doesn't know if it is being slow, or if it's just taking a long time.

If you want, you can do:

condor_rm -forcex <job-number>

to get rid of these jobs. Please note that if the Globus cleanup hasn't finished, you may end up with an orphaned job on the remote resource--it may still be running, and Condor-G can't do anything about it, because you told it to quit.

This is the perfect option to use when Globus cleans up the job but is unresponsive and you just need to make Condor ignore Globus's unresponsiveness.


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