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[condor-users] condor_q -analyze question


Quick question about condor_q -analyze (on version 6.4.5).

I have a user that has submitted ~2000 'small' jobs to our flight of identical, dedicated linux pc's. There are no other jobs running on the flight so we're looking to take as much advantage as possible on all the machines.

When I do a condor_q -analyze on the users jobs, it displays the number of resources that are already running jobs, then the following line that I don't understand...

xx do not prefer this job

.. where xx is the number of unclaimed/idle pc's.

I can understand this when other jobs are running on the flight, but at the moment the only jobs are running are from the same user and all the jobs have the same priority.

Obviously I'd like to lower the value of xx to zero! Can anyone tell me what 'do not prefer this job' means?

Many thanks in advance,


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