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Re: [condor-users] Windows EFS support

> I think I figured it out: Apparently, W2k allows the local administrator to
> read the encrypted folders? When I logged off Administrator and logged in as
> a "regular user" I was unable to access the contents of the execute
> directory.

Not true. You were denied access because the execute folder permissions
are restricted to condor-reuse-vmX and Administrators. EFS encrypts
the file based on the password of the creator of the file. In Condor's
case, the creator is condor-reuse-vmX. No other user is able to view
the contents of these files.

Again, a folder is not encrypted. The contents of the folder is. So
although you can view the files in the folder, if you attempt to open
any of these files, the open will fail unless you were the creator of
the file.

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