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Re: [condor-users] Normal termination (return value 128)

Guy Tel-Zur wrote:

I would appreciate any ideas why the following test program failed.
The job was submitted on an XP personal condor.

Program submit file:

executable = c:\program files\root\bin\root.exe
arguments = -q -b hsimple.C
output = hsimple.out
log = hsimple.log
error = hsimple.err
universe = vanilla

The exit status you are getting is likely caused by a missing shared library. Is root.exe statically linked? Under Linux, it is not, even if you do 'make static'. There is a "mostly statically linked" version called roota. All the root libraries are statically linked, but system libs are not.

Even if you get a statically linked version, you will find it to be fairly unhappy without ROOTSYS and related configuration information.

You should also be able to compile the module (hsimple.C) rather than running it under the interpreter. This can be done either for a regular vanilla job or, with a little effort, via condor_compile for standard universe.


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