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[condor-users] Scratch directory could not be created

The following Condor-G job fails.
I would appreciate comments on how to resolve the problem.

The submit file:
ron(188)% more trivial.submit
universe = globus
GlobusScheduler = beak.cs.wisc.edu/jobmanager
executable = /bin/hostname
Transfer_Executable = false

After a few seconds the job is on "held" status.
The log file says:
ron(187)% more trivial.log
000 (061.000.000) 11/11 12:54:40 Job submitted from host: <>
018 (061.000.000) 11/11 12:54:45 Globus job submission failed!
Reason: 136 the scratch directory could not be created
012 (061.000.000) 11/11 12:54:48 Job was held.
Globus error 136: the scratch directory could not be created
Code 2 Subcode 136

Thanks, Guy

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