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Re: [condor-users] Windows Condor disappearing/reappearing on grid

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 12:13:01PM -0500, Heinz, Michael William wrote:
> No one ever responded to this problem, so I'm asking again:
> I seem to be in a situation where machines disappear off the grid even
> though they are both idle and continuing to operate. Rebooting each machine
> in question seems to relieve the problem. More strangely, it sometimes seems
> as if simply logging into the machine and doing a "condor_status" and
> waiting a few minutes is all that's needed.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

it looks like you are running into a bug with sessions expiring.  i'm
guessing that if you look in your CollectorLog, you'll see a bunch of
lines saying "attempt to open invalid session".

the bug was fixed in the 6.5 series.

if you'd like to work around it, you can turn off sessions entirely if you
are not using KERBEROS, X509, 3DES, BLOWFISH, MD5, or any other security
features.  simply add:


to your condor_config file.  let me know if you continue to have troubles.


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