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Re: [condor-users] large pools like at UW

What are the specs on your central manager machine?

I don't know all of the details--Erik Paulson may jump in here. But I do know that our central manager is a RedHat 7.2 computer, one CPU that is > 2GHz, about 1G of main memory and 2G of swap space.

Also, do you run the usual 5 daemons on that one machine, or do you run the negotiator elsewhere perhaps?

We run both the collector and the negotiator on one machine. We do not run a condor_startd on the machine, so we do not allow jobs on the central manager.

What about your checkpoint server, what type of machine is that? How
many checkpoint servers do you have?

Our checkpoint servers seem to change periodically. At the moment, we have three active checkpoint servers. I think that they each have 100-400G of space on them. They are set up as RAID, I think, but again I'm not sure which kind. Maybe Erik can jump in on this one too.

For most of our machines, we randomly select which checkpoint server to use:



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