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Re: [condor-users] IP address problems

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:04:54 -0000  "Colin Gillespie" wrote:

> WARNING: Unable to determine local IP address. Condor might not work
> propertly until you set NETWORK_INTERFACE=<machine IP address>
> Do you have an suggestions?

condor_configure is just not entirely portable yet.  it's a recent
transition for us from our old (and evil) condor_install monster to
the new-improved condor_configure.  however, we're still working out
some of the portability issues.

> Other information:
> %host geron007
> geron007.ncl.ac.uk      A

if you look inside condor_configure, you'll see that it's expecting
different output from host.  when we run /usr/bin/host on our redhat
7.2 machines here at UW, we see, for example:

wright@chopin% host turkey
turkey.cs.wisc.edu has address


wright@chopin% host condor
condor.cs.wisc.edu is an alias for astro.cs.wisc.edu.
astro.cs.wisc.edu has address

so the author of condor_configure just had it grep for "has address",
and then it pulls the IP out of that line.  obviously, that doesn't
work if host gives you the info in the format you report.

however, all that said, condor_configure is just printing out a
warning that says "Condor might not work...".  if you just start up
the daemons, it should all work.  no other part of condor uses this
non-portable method to determine your IP (since all the daemons are
written in C/C++, and use gethostname() and friends directly from the

good luck,
-derek (condor team)

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