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[condor-users] still shadow exceptions...


although 6.6.0 should fix the problem with the handling of non-English,
well-known group names, I've still got Shadow Exceptions.
For example, the StarterLog of the executing machine says:
11/25 14:20:35 LogonUser(condor-reuse-vm1, ... ) failed with status
138511/25 14:20:35 ERROR "Failed to create a user nobody" at line 293 in
file ..\src\condor_c++_util\uids.C
So what is the deal with this user Nobody? I thought, that the
condor-reuse-vm1 logs on the executing machine and does the work. But what
is Nobody for?

The second thing I don't understand is, that my old workaround (give my
account read/write-access to the folder) doesn't work anymore.

Thanks for reading,
Thomas Bauer

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