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Re: [condor-users] Silly Condor-G question

  Can anyone tell me a quick and dirty way to configure Condor-G to
request cpu cycles from workstations in our public access labs? What I
need to know is how to configure both the client (workstation) and the
condor-g server to make these cycles available to the GRID.

You need to do a few things:

1) Install Globus on a server, usually called a gatekeeper
2) Use a batch system (we prefer Condor) to provide access to your computers, and tell Globus about ot.
3) Request a host certificate for the gatekeeper from a certificate authority (CA)
4) Request a user certificate for each user.
5) Set up Condor-G.

It's not exactly quick and dirty.

A reasonable approach to #1 and #4 is to install the VDT, since it sets up a lot of things for you. You can learn more about the VDT at:


The CA you use depends on what groups you are affiliated with.

Documentation for using Condor-G is available in the Condor manual, section 5.3:



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