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Re: [condor-users] Grid proposal


I am positive that Condor has what it takes to effectively support such an application. We will be happy to help you in porting your application to Condor. We are firm believers in the "small and simple" principal.


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I'm currently working on a white paper about Grid computing for the project I work on...I have an idea that Grid computing could be used to improve the performance of a analysis/reporting tool. If possible, could you read the following proposal and let me know if you think it could be done with Condor (or with any other grid-enabler).

BTW apologies if you have already seen this posting on the Globus mailing list. I'm a great believer in 'prose-reuse' :-)


The proposed grid is to make use of spare processing capacity on desktop PCs (or possibly some server systems). The grid is needed in order to improve the performance of an 'offline' telecomms reporting tool - basically we are running huge reports & analysing very large quantities of data.

The reporting tool runs on UnixWare 7 on a secure customer lan, so security can probably be ignored (though it would be nice). The reporting tool is a commerical product - i.e. we sell software/hardware installations to enable customers to analyse the performance of their telecomms networks.

The basic idea is that is a large customer (who would have thousands of telephone exchanges to monitor & analyse) can make better use of their existing IT infrastructure to improve the performance times, & to enable them to run large reports in a fraction of the time. What I'm hoping is that some form of flexible service can be written that could be installed anywhere on a customer network that would allow use of spare processing capacity...hence the 'small & simple' would be a major requirement.

BTW I've already done a basic feasibility study of running one of the reports on a grid - and I'm pretty sure that it can be done by sending packages of data to be processed, then collating the results.

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