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Re: [condor-users] Multiple batch queues on a single machine

On Fri, 09 Jan 2004 02:12:42 +0200  "Jose Luis Marin" wrote:

> Then there's the issue of running more than one job at a time (per
> CPU).  I assume you're thinking along the lines of NQS, like having
> a "long queue" and a "short queue" which execute at the same time
> (with different nice values).  This is perfectly doable, you have to
> define two (or more) "Virtual Machines" per CPU, in order to have
> more than one job running at a time.  Establishing different nice
> values can be done with a trick like that published in the Bologna
> Batch System paper.  I strongly recommend reading this paper because
> it clarifies a lot of things that are too dispersed in the Manual.

this is all true.  in addition, people interested in supporting
certain high priority, short-running applications alongside
long-running batch jobs should check out the new computing on demand
("COD") support in version 6.6.0.  to further confuse folks accustomed
to queue-based batch systems, there's no job queue at all in the COD
case. ;)  but, for some applications at some sites, it's exactly what
you want.  for details, check out:



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