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Re: [condor-users] 6.6.0 upgrade

At 10:14 AM 1/13/2004, Mike Smorul wrote:

 We've tried installing 6.6.0 on several RedHat 9 clients. Our central
manager is running 6.4.7 for now. After running for a few hours, all the
6.6.0 hosts will disappear on the central manager even though all the
daemons are running fine.

The best thing to do would be to upgrade your central manager to v6.6.0 as well. In general, the Condor project works to make certain all versions of Condor within the same stable series will always be compatible with each other over the wire. Thus you can have a mixed pool of v6.6.0, v6.6.1, ... v6.6.x without any trouble. We do not make guarantees across *series* releases.... so mixing v6.4.x and v6.6.x is not promised to work.

However, in the specific case of v6.4.7 and v6.6.0, you can likely make the two of them happy together by making a small addition into the config file. The issue is version 6.4.7 will disable security session negotation by
default, and 6.6 will enable them by default, so mixing the two is a bad idea unless you define disable sessions for both via:


So just place the above line into both your v6.4.7 and v6.6.0 condor_config file(s) and do condor_restart for all machines (maybe condor_reconfig would do the trick, but I am not certain).

Note that if you are using strong secure channels, the above workaround will not help you.

hope this helps,

Todd Tannenbaum                       University of Wisconsin-Madison
Condor Project Research               Department of Computer Sciences

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