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[condor-users] New administrator questions

Phew!  There's a lot of control issues and parameters to understand!

I recently created a Condor cluster of Unix computers whose primary purpose
is to support an instructional classroom environment.  How do I configure
Condor to favor the class times without adversely affecting the running
job(s)?  I really want to avoid defining time-of-day windows to allow or
prohibit processing.  I'm sure that there's got to be a more flexible

Also, similar to the above situation, there is nightly administrative
processing that causes the running job to be evicted from one computer to
another.  Due to the schedule / timing of these administrative events, tests
showed the job "bouncing" among computers with little or any real work being
accomplished.  How can I configure Condor to recognize such processing and
react more favorably?

Thanks, in advance, for your help and guidance.

Mike Box                       Phone: (540)231-9506
Systems Administrator            Fax: (540)231-3863
Department of Statistics      E-mail: Mike.Box@xxxxxx
Virginia Tech

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