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Re: [condor-users] Version 6.6.0 reported as 6.5.5?

I've downloaded version 6.6.0 from the Bologna mirror (file name: condor-6.6.0-winnt40-x86.exe) but the -version option reports that I'm running 6.5.5. So do classAds from f.i. condor_status -l: CondorVersion = "$CondorVersion: 6.5.5 Sep 17 2003 $"

Just to be sure: do I have 6.6.0?

No, you don't.

Shortly after we released Condor 6.6.0, we realized that the Windows version was actually Condor 6.6.5. We updated it quickly on our web site and told everyone that downloaded it (who gave us their email address). Apparently, we forgot to update it on the Bologna mirror. That was bad of us. I'll see what we can do to get it changed there soon.

In the meantime, download the Windows version of Condor 6.6.0 from the Madison server.


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