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Re: [condor-users] Transfer-File-Problems?

> The thing is, condor only looks directly at the group 'Users' for the
> account ytombaue. But the account ytombaue is only member of the group
> 'Domain Members ' (residing in the Windows 2000 Active Directory) that in
> turn is member of Users.

Ok, this makes much more sense now. In fact, a limitation of
Condor's permission checking mechanism is that nested groups are not
supported. That said, in 6.6.x, we now perform all file operations with
the submitting user's credentials, which means these checks are no longer
needed. Unfortunately for users, there's no way to turn them off :(.

The best workaround I can offer you at this point is what you've already
discovered: explicitly grant permissions to the paths without using
nested groups.

Future releases (probably 6.6.2) of Condor will not be using this
permission checking mechanism.

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