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Re: [condor-users] Error: Could not get priorities from negotiator

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 17:40:08 -0600  Daniel Forrest wrote:

> I upgraded to Condor 6.6.0 today and I am now seeing the following
> error when I run "condor_q -analyze"...
> $ condor_q -analyze -pool condor.cs.wisc.edu 1527.260
> Error:  Could not get priorities from negotiator (astro.cs.wisc.edu)
> I remember this working before the upgrade.

indeed, it did.


> What am I doing wrong?

nothing, other than not reading the fine print. :) from the 6.6.0
version history:


# There are a few bugs related to Condor tools failing to correctly
  locate the condor_negotiator daemon. These bugs usually show up if
  a site is using non-standard ports for the central manager
  daemon. However, some of the bugs show up regardless of if the
  negotiator is listening on the standard port or not.
  # Using the -pool option to condor_q -analyze will not work. The
    tool will fail to find and query the condor_negotiator for user
    priorities which it needs to determine why jobs may not be

sorry, it's a known bug.  it's just broken.  i'll have to fix it
someday when i have a chance.  probably in the 6.7.x series, since
it's going to involve somewhat larger changes to really solve well.
the good news is that in the process of fixing this, we'll remove the
need for a fixed-port for the negotiator, which will simplify a number
of things.


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