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Re: [condor-users] NT error with shadow "perm::init: Lookup Account Name matth failed (err=1722), using Everyone"

> 2/6 11:15:51 (5.0) (2032): perm::init: Lookup Account Name matth failed (err=1722), using Everyone

This is a common error code in Windows if you're using a domain controller
and the RPC service is not started, or your DNS or NetBIOS name can not
be resolved. See Microsoft KB article Q224370 for more information.

Also, this error should go away in 6.6.1 since the perm:: functions have
been disabled in the shadow in that release.

> 2/6 11:15:55 Process exited, pid=740, status=127

I can't say why your process is exiting with status 127, but it definitely
has nothing to do with the above error (except that since your output
files aren't getting back to the submit machine, you don't get to inspect
stderr or stdout for error messages).

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