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Re: [condor-users] globally unique job identifiers

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 07:32:22PM -0000, Matt Hope wrote:
> Of interest how consistent across versions will the -l default output of the condor_q/history commands be?

We make no promises to keep the output the same. 

What we do promise to keep the same is support for condor_q -format. If you're
developing on top of condor tools, always use the -format options.

In the case of -l (show the entire classad), we have changed the names of the
attributes in the past (most recently, all of the file transfer stuff was
redone...) It's unlikely that we'll change the 'executable' or 'requirements'
names anytime soon.

> I make heavy use of this output for parsing out the class ads and making automated queries, I was thinking of including some parsing of datetime related attributes but if it's for internal use only I'll not bother.
> Visual studio's debugger reports the condor_startd is a .Net application, is their much likelihood that the developer API that is mooted will be avail on NT via .Net? If so I'll not waste too much time on the wrapper round the command line tools.

It's not really a .Net application.

There will be a SOAP API to submit available. An incomplete version will be in
6.7.0 (probably without authentication, so it'll be disabled by default). Your
.Net application could take advantage of that.

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