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Re: [condor-users] Using Condor from a web application


There's probably some restriction on the ability of the server to either run external binaries or to run external binaries as another user. I'm not familiar at all with Win 2k server, so I'm just guessing. What happens if your VB script does something much simpler, such as creating a file in a publicly writable directory such as c:\temp or whatever? If this is successful, who owns the file?

Is it a requirement of your application that the condor jobs run with the same credentials as the users themselves? I've recently heard talk of a web application that feeds condor jobs which uses a single account created just for this purpose for all jobs it submits. Unless the application requires access to resources available only to the user, perhaps this would suit.

Finally, perhaps it would be possible to work around the problem by having the web application deposit task information somewhere, and a service which did not run in the security context of the web application which could retrieve this information and execute the VB script.

-Ian Alderman, Condor Team

On Feb 11, 2004, at 9:01 PM, Raymond Wong wrote:
I am trying to convert an web application written in Perl to off load some of the more CPU instensive to Condor. However, as i am using a Win 2K server with integrated authenication, all users who access the web application will be running the application with their own credentials(eg. employee ID). This is where things get really tricky: with Condor ver 6.6, submitters are required to store their credentials before they can perform Condor_submit. Unfortunately, with so many users having access to the web application, its not practical to pre-store everyone's credentials

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